Neha & Anup Wedding Video

Neha & Anup – Trailer Film (Basic) :: NST Pictures New Jersey Wedding Video :: Chester, NJ from NST Pictures on Vimeo. It’s always fun to get professional wedding photos shared with us highlighting our work. It’s even more fun when the flowers appear in a slick w

Peonies: A Mother’s Day Tale

  New peonies take time. Back in 2015, Patti and her team planted 100 “baby” herbaceous peonies knowing that they wouldn’t be able to harvest the blooms for at least two years. These perennials need the extra time in order to become established and mature before sharing their blo

April S W A R M!!!!

Henry came running inside the house last Saturday to announce that there was a huge swarm of honey bees in the backyard. April swarms are a bit of a shock for beekeepers as it is quite early for queens to take half a hive out on the road with her in search of a new home. We were grate

Spring Arrival – Ms. Eugenia Alcorta!

We are very happy to introduce our intern this year, Eugenia Alcorta! Eugenia is currently a student at the School of Professional Horticulture at The New York Botanical Garden. She will be with us until the end of June. Eugenia has a passion for learning all about flower farming and

Loving LOCAL Gifts from the Farm

Week #7 – February 10, 2016 LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! That is what all of our customers said about our Flower Subscription Service last year. This year we are offering our subscriptions earlier so that you can give them as gifts to the people you love this Valentine’s Day.  It is