Earth Day 2017 – Are we in Ireland or New Jersey?

Even though it’s the same every year, spring always seems to sneak up on us. And how green it is! I took this pic to capture the explosion of emerald green grass that is welling up on the hill like a new sea. The local flowers are not out yet, but there is a whole other layer of

Lucky Ducklings on Little Big Farm

Last weekend, we received a few new “pond guests” after some feathered friends found themselves in need of a home. We spliced together a few shots from the cell phone and laid down a silly sound track just for fun…

Signs of Spring

Week #10 – February 29 We’ve had some pretty beautiful days this last week of February here in northwestern NJ. The weather was warm and sunny and we all rushed outside to get some work done.  Working outside in  February is what we call a “freebie,” a day that