A Happy New Year!

Putting finishing touches on the urn for winter season.

Putting finishing touches on the urn for winter season.

Week 1, 2016

Welcome to the new year!

It is finally starting to feel a little bit like winter is here with our first day below freezing at 3 weeks into the season. Hopefully this will not do too much damage to the garlic plants that started to sprout up in the field and the plants in the hoop house that were growing in there like it was spring.  One of the first things I learned as a farmer was that every year was a “crazy year” for weather.  It seems every year has it anomalies.

The beehives have also been checked since the nice weather had them all flying around outside the hive in December, which is a strange site indeed.  If  the weather is nice for a sustained period then the queen starts laying eggs and the bees start “working” like it is spring and then end up eating all of their honey reserves.  Luckily only one hive out of four seemed to have a food shortage and so we have started to supplement their honey with sugar syrup.

Buttercup, our new farm collie is doing well.  She just turned six months old and made it through the gauntlet of family holiday parties.  She did great with all the people and had great manners overall but we have noticed that she is a bit fearful of other dogs. I have noticed since she was quite small that her reaction is to bark at them and step back first, and then, reluctantly, she will say hello.  I will have to work with her on this since we have visitors to the farm often and I don’t want this fearful behavior to carry over in any way. Our former farm collie and dog extraordinaire, Daisy, had so much confidence that I thought this puppy would have it built in since she was Daisy’s niece.  And while I would not call Buttercup a withering flower (pardon the pun!), she could use a little boost for sure.

Finally, while things are a bit slower here on the farm during the winter months, things are really hopping in the world of love! The winter holidays are when many young couples get engaged and thus start down the road of planning their wedding. So these days we are fielding inquiries about our floral services and meeting with bridal parties to discuss all things floral for their special day. Our calendar is filling up faster than it ever has before so that is pretty exciting for us. Looks like 2016 is going to be busy, that’s for sure!