30,000 Bees!

We took a little extra time last week to capture our honey bee work on Little Big Farm (It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone these days!). We’re hoping “third time’s the charm” as this will be our third attempt to raise bees on the farm and get them through the winter. Bees[…]

Farmhands (in training)

After a trip to a very upscale New Jersey mall last Saturday, the family conversation turned to job prospects. Lucas in particular was wondering what his options were as an 11-year old for earning the $1,300 he would need for the laptop he had been coveting back in the Microsoft Store. We went round and[…]

SLOW Flowers

Patti has taken quite a bit of inspiration from Debra Prinzing this winter. She recently made a donation to Prinzing’s “SLOW Flowers” initiative to support the effort behind creating a database of American designers, florists, and flower farmers. Remarkably, 80 percent of the flowers purchased in the United States come from overseas.  Debra and her[…]