Farmhands (in training)

After a trip to a very upscale New Jersey mall last Saturday, the family conversation turned to job prospects. Lucas in particular was wondering what his options were as an 11-year old for earning the $1,300 he would need for the laptop he had been coveting back in the Microsoft Store. We went round and round on the topic: babysitting (too young), egg sales (too sluggish), dog walking (too far). We even Googled for solutions before realizing we were literally sitting on the answer – Farmhands.

After arriving at an hourly rate, Patti and I began to watch the wheels turn and the multiplication begin, followed by charts, tables, and graphs. Lucas and Henry had worked it all out down to the exact hour when they would achieve their savings goals.

So began their journey as farmhands, which started with a spring clean up on a very un-spring-like day. Job No. 1: cut down the grasses and cart off the clippings to the chicken run.

$1,260.00 to go.