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Little Bucket Share

Little Bucket Share

Week #7 – February 10, 2016

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! That is what all of our customers said about our Flower Subscription Service last year.

This year we are offering our subscriptions earlier so that you can give them as gifts to the people you love this Valentine’s Day.  It is easy to buy right off of our website in our online store.  These subscriptions come in a number of sizes and prices so check them out.

Our most popular seller last year was the 4 week “Little Bucket” which gives you a month of flowers for only $100. This is a great gift for mom’s, spouses, girlfriends and anyone who wants to be surrounded by local fresh, fragrant flowers every week for a month.  You can also share your subscription so if the month sounds overwhelming just split it with a friend!

Of course, these flowers do need to be picked up at the farm, so we cannot ship to your sister in California (yet!), but the up side is that you get to visit us every week and chat about all things flowers and farming.