Peonies: A Mother’s Day Tale


New peonies take time. Back in 2015, Patti and her team planted 100 “baby” herbaceous peonies knowing that they wouldn’t be able to harvest the blooms for at least two years. These perennials need the extra time in order to become established and mature before sharing their blossoms with the world. Sound familiar, moms?

So after two years of waiting, there are just two weeks to go before the first flowers come out. We will be seeing blooms in white, coral, blush pink, and even yellow.

While peonies tend to bloom at the end of May or the beginning of June, it is possible to harvest and store them in just the right manner so that they can be enjoyed fresh for an event well into July or even August. However, the timing of the peony harvest is absolutely critical, for the difference between harvesting at the right stage and “too late” can be a matter of hours.

As every mom knows, a little (a lot?) of patience is required before seeing the fruits of one’s labor, but often worth the wait. We’re looking forward to sharing these beauties with our flower “subscribers” starting the first Friday in June