January 18, 2020

Flower Workshops

Little Big Farm offers three unique workshops: Gardening Workshops, DIY Bride Workshops, and “Snip and Sip” Flower Harvesting Workshops. Each event enables the participants to take advantage of Patti Doell’s near 30-years of horticultural expertise. 

Workshops are generally offered on Sundays from 3:30 – 5:00 pm or Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:00 pm to build in flexibility for our clients. Each session is just $75.00 per attendee and includes a “take-home” aspect in addition to the educational components. Depending on the activity, attendees leave with either a bucket of flowers, bouquets and boutonnieres, or seedlings and handouts, etc. 

Any one of these events makes for a great gift for the flower lover in your life. Visit our online store to book your workshop today. For more information, call 908-459-5484.

Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Farm Tours

Treat Mom and Dad to a leisurely outing on their special day. Before heading out to dinner with the family, take a 60-minute tour of the flower fields with Little Big Farm’s Patti Kraemer-Doell and see quick demonstrations of how Patti brings the farm to life. Visit the workshop. Check out the barns. Enjoy the flowers. Visit the farm stand.
Book your dates: 2:00-3:00 pm on Mother’s Day May 9; Father’s Day June 20

Cut Flower Gardening Workshops (May – June)

After Old Man Winter has had his due, you are just itching to get out to the garden to make it the best year ever! But how to do that? What’s the best way to start your very own cut flower garden? Does your soil need to be amended? What tools should you have at the ready? What about succession planting to make sure your garden looks its best all growing season long. This session will help you get started and address all the questions you’ve been pondering all winter long.

Cut Flower Gardening Workshop segments cover:
Flower Types: study the best varieties for cut flower design
Soil Preparation: learn how to improve and care for the most important component of successful flower growing – your soil!
Harvesting: learn when to cut and proper techniques for optimal vase life 
Book your dates: May TBD, June TBD  

DIY Bride Workshops (May – Sep)

Weddings are expensive! But no wedding is complete without the flowers. More and more these days, brides are deciding to make a go of it themselves and put together their very own wedding flowers. But where to start? How many flowers do you need for your table arrangements? What about the boutonnieres and corsages? What flowers should you choose for your bridal bouquet and how on earth do you make sure that all your flowers won’t be wilting by the time you get to the ceremony? These questions and more are answered in this intimate workshop where brides and their helpers can learn what they need to know to ensure success for their very special day. 
Book your dates: May TBD; June TBD; July TBD; August TBD; September TBD; October TBD

“Snip and Sip” Flower Harvesting Workshops (Jul – Oct)

Summer’s the time to reap the rewards of the harvest while sipping your beverage of choice. By July, Little Big Farm is teeming with flowers – row upon row upon row. In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, walk with Patti through the flower fields and “snip” some of the most beautiful stems you have ever seen right from the source. You will learn about the dozens of varieties that we grow and have all of your questions answered. Before the end of the night you will also receive a quick tutorial on how to arrange your newfound bucket of blooms. Bring a friend or two to this most pleasant of evenings. 
Book your dates: July TBD; August TBD; September TBD; October TBD